Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber’s Finest Schneeballen (Can you figure that word out)


Rathaus RothenburgRothenburg churchRothenburg 2

  Rothenburg has it’s unique charms. Romantic, picturesque cobblestoned streets, Christmas Stores galore, Teddy Bear Stores, even a creepy doll Museum.

It is famous for many reasons. But many people don’t forget these:  SCHNEEBALLEN (SNOW BALLS)

Schneeballen 3

Schneeballen 2Schneeballen 1

Which is basically a pastry dough that has plum schnapps in it, which is then  rolled out, cut in strips. The strips are then interlaced over a spoon, or stick. The stick is pulled out, and the dough is scrunched into a ball, put into a metal ball form, and fried in oil.

The traditional Schneeballen is dusted in powdered sugar (probably why its called a snowball)

Although throughout the years variations of the traditional form have been popular. Its over 300 years old in tradition. The Schneeballen is a great souvenir as it has a shelf life of 8 weeks.

I have tried it, although I didn’t really like it.  But I think it’s one of those things you have to try just to say you have. Especially when they have been making it for over 300 years.

So feel free if you’re ever in Bavaria to visit Rothenburg, you won’t be disappointed. There is lots to do and see.  And of course eat!


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