Creating a Menu: Couch to 5K

Strange things on the menu here

Strange things on the menu here (Photo credit: leunix)

Sorry to everyone. The last few days have been cram-full of things going on. We have a military ball on the 2nd of May, our anniversary on the 1st. A Friend of mine who caters asked me to cater a party on June 1st. She will be out of town for vacation. So I have been perusing recipes, planning a menu, pricing things etc. You don’t realize how much goes into just putting an item on a menu, availability of products, servings, expense, allergens. Which, it doesn’t seem like a hard request which was sandwiches and a few appetizers, but for 100 people it is. You have to change a recipe that typically feeds 16 and multiply it.Ā  Not necessarily do you need 100 of that one item, but enough to give everyone a choice. Ughh but I did finally narrow it down and simplified it. So I will be off and on busy hope to show you my process and final products. Lots of work, but finished happy people is my success.Ā  The Event: Couch to 5K Awards and Recognition Ceremony

People in Attendance: 100 (that incudes some children)


Reception with Bites to Eat….(that’s what I was told was that she just wanted them to have something)


Something I guess is better than nothing…


I want to make a good impression will be a first where I do it alone, and make some money too.


3 thoughts on “Creating a Menu: Couch to 5K

    • Well I am sticking to cold appetizers and Depending on how much she wants to spend….I was sticking with Several cold dips, with the fruits and veggies. ( I am working on a really fun display for the veggies šŸ™‚ and three different types of sandwich fillings…If she wants more I will give her more, but I was told She just wanted ot have something there, so I don’t suppose she wants more than that šŸ™‚

    • June in Germany without air conditioning is alos what I will be up against with it, which Is why I suggested cold items

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