Night Out Away from the Norm- Military Grog Tradition

NiceAs I had stated in my last blog post we have been rather busy, I wanted to share the festivities with you all.

My husband is in the US Army and we attended our first ever military ball. He’s been in 7 years and I am in the IRR and was in the reserves for 6 years and have never myself been to one. So it was a lot of fun for us both. This ball was in honor of his battalion returning from a successful deployment in Afghanistan. It was nice to have a dressed up night where everyone can enjoy a few laughs and many many drinks.

Grog 2

Grog is what a friend of ours was pouring out of that water pitcher.

Lets not forget the Grog, which was Nasty!

Military tradition, Grog is a combination of every alcoholic beverage known to man and then the entire group “drinks” it. Although, I sipped it and then ended up pouring the rest back in the pitcher.

After seeing a bunch of upper echelon military people pour champagne, wine, cognac, jaegermeister, tequila, scotch, rum, whiskey….And a few more I didnt catch. I was rather wary of drinking it. They proceeded to make the Lowest Ranking officer drink a cup from the noxious mixture, then they proceeded to make him turn his cup upside down over his head to make sure he drank it all.



Us Attempting an Embarrassing Dance

But everyone has to try this stuff even if it is just a little sip.. I drank several glasses of white wine and a glass of sekt throughout the evening. Needless to say both myself and my husband had a good ol’ time.

Eric and I just happy as ever

We did have a great time. We did take precautions and had a Designated Driver. And, yes I do drink alcohol on occasion. However, I do not condone drinking alcoholic beverages all the time.  There is a time for having a drink and this was one of those occasions.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks for following, or reading my blog.


2 thoughts on “Night Out Away from the Norm- Military Grog Tradition

  1. Recently went to our third ball and still haven’t had the grog. The first two years it ran out too quickly. But I can’t say I have an interest in trying it.

    • I only took a little in a cup from a pitcher and sipped it. I ended up pouring it right back in the pitcher. I think the next ball I will refrain from drinking it. Thanks for the comment. You ought to try it once.

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