Things Not to Expect at a German Restaurant in Germany

Well after having a great day, having spent the entire day outside,

after sunning my white legs

White legs

Yikes! Yes I am in desperate need of a tan. After Seeing my two loves enjoy the little Lake of Obernzenn….

Hubby at the lake Daughter all wetWhich it truly was a beautiful day of lazing in the sun. We were invited to dinner at a well-known Pizzeria. Best Pizza which is located in Hohenau not too far from where we live, boasts as close to American pizza as it will get in Germany. Aside from actual Pizza Huts that you can find in the larger cities.


Best Pizza is most known for it’s 60cm pizza the Monster Pizza. If a single person is willingly able to eat the entire thing under and hour it is free. Mind you this thing is gigantic. It’s fairly reasonably priced at 25 euro.

Best Pizza

What’s really unique is their hand made menus. With colorful photos against the simple scrawl, One side in German the other English. This is close to a military base so of course the menu has english.

Now onto my point of this blog post what you should not expect at a German restaurant even a pizzeria:

Quick Service: For the most part in my experience in dining out in Germany, meals are meant to be a long drawn out process: of ordering of drinks, then the food, enjoy those drinks for awhile. Food is always cooked fresh and you are meant to enjoy conversation and your drinks until that food arrives. Best Pizza was also the same, but last night they were down to one pizza oven.

Free Refills on Drinks: The Beer is cheaper than soda in Germany. But you will not find free refills anywhere. You have to pay by the glass. So make sure to sip if you don’t want to pay full price for another drink on your long wait. Groß or Klein (Big or Small that is the sizes you get to choose from)

Appetizers: Not something you see a lot unless you are at a restaurant with a wide variety of items on their menu. This pizzeria only boasts pizza period. (Makes it easy, and after a long wait you will probably eat the entire thing)

Unfriendly staff: Usually the people that run the restaurants, own them too. Typically family owned. This is their livelihood and they love to show their handiwork off in the best way possible. The people at Best Pizza were no different. Very friendly and cordial. Although they are accustomed to Americans, English is not their best but they are polite and do their best.

Menus in English: The world does not revolve around English Speakers. They do not always have menus in english. A lot of times menus items are numbered, or pointing at an item when you are ordering is okay too.

Corn not on Pizza: They do that a lot here, yes a bit strange.

Tip for English Speakers Wanting to get the best out of a Restaurant Experience in Germany:

BE Polite

Try your best to order in German (If you try they will try too)

Don’t expect things like service, or food to be the exact same as your accustomed to.

Order a Beer (You might find Germans like to talk about their beer) (Ein Bier Bitte.  (Use the Thumb to indicate one))

Don’t be loud and obnoxious (It is definitely sometimes something they know to expect from Americans)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the food (German or English)

Danke or Thanks goes a long way.

Other diners usually upon arrival will greet you as they sit down. In Bavaria a common phrase is Grüß Gott (God Greet You) Or you may also here Servus (Hello/Goodbye)

Best Pizza Menu 1

Danke for reading my blog, hope you learned something new..


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