Cross Creek Cookery by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Experimenting through her book

Cross Creek CookeryThis book is old, a first edition, 1942. Vintage! Just looking through the darn thing ages it. The time, the recipes, the language, the pictures. It is a racist book ( I guess it was the era) But it does have depictions of Black “colored folk” as she states in many of her colorful explanations of vegetables which names are lost to me. I did not grow up in the south ( I do not understand the Racial issues there as much as I think I should) , my husband is from South Carolina and my daddy is from North Carolina. It is very reminiscent of the ignorant times that this book was written in. Nonetheless I mean no offense to anyone. This is strictly a history lesson.

Example: In her explanation about biscuits

I am torn between the type of biscuits made by my mother and my grandmother and by me, before I became a Floridian, and the biscuits made by the best of Negro Cooks. My family sort is fluffy, tender, falling apart in layers.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote The Yearling if anyone is familiar with it. Cross Creek Cookery is a cook book she wrote when she bought a piece of land in Florida called Cross Creek.  It was distributed to soldiers at war. (WWII)  I have to say I am enjoying reading this book, it has a lot you can learn from. Things we take for granted now are in this book. The work you had to do to cook some of the items, the lack of modern technology. I love that I can go back to some of the basics in this book.

I will be exploring this book. Making recipes from various places in it, if I can get the ingredients and If I can find someone other than myself to eat it. I am rather judgemental on myself. And I must keep my girlish figure (not that I have a girlish figure).

Publisher Page

I will be starting off tomorrow with Chef Huston’s Cream Of Cucumber Soup (Potage Cumberland) and  Mother’s Biscuits (which will be biscuits and as it also can be cinnamon buns I will be doing those as well)

Very Basic recipes but I want to see if it inspires anyone. Yes, food is inspiring to me…

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2 thoughts on “Cross Creek Cookery by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Experimenting through her book

  1. Thank you for the ping and great post!! My mom is a huge Rawlings fan and she lives in the Silver Springs area during the winter months. So, in the spring when I journey down to visit we always spend a few hours at Rawlings home. It’s beautiful there.

    • Glad you enjoyed, I hope to someday visit, I hear it’s a beautiful historic site. Have a Great Day! I will be posting more recipes from her her book 🙂

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