Signs of Life and Easy Breaded Chicken with your favorite Chips as the breading

Burgbernheim 2

Beautiful Evening View in Burgbernheim.  Very Beautiful day and everything is green, finally. Our gardening efforts are successful as is evident by the sprouts popping out of the soil.

Herbs coming up

The Herbs, Parsley in that large patch at the top, Dill and Basil at the bottom.

Something is coming up

Not sure what is coming up, but I am relieved. I thought it wasn’t happening.


The Broccoli which was the first plant that came up that we replanted. My husband loves it, hopefully it makes some happy trees.

Yes, so I can be the first to say patience is a virtue. Take your time, and remember not everything will work out.

So Far the only thing that has died, was the Strawberries 😦

Damn German Weather is pretty much bipolar.

For dinner I decided something simple. You can bread your own chicken strips rather than buy them at the store already breaded. And whats nice is that it is a much healthier option and a great way to get little ones to eat.  You can use any of your favorite chip flavors.

Open the Bag, Close it and Smush the bag til the chips are in crumbs. I added Ritz crackers to mine just to make a little more crunch.

Chips and crackers for breading

Remember this is what you will take the chicken and roll it in.

It is the flavor that it will take, so if you need to add seasoning add it in a ziplock bag or a pan with the crumbs.

I soaked my tenders in Buttermilk, adds more flavor and makes the meat more juicy. (True Story)

Make sure you have a few eggs to dip the tender in so that the crumbs will stick.


I apologize now because I was in a rush to finish so mine don’t look well breaded.  But this is what they looked like when they were done.


I baked them at 375 degrees for 25 minutes, they were not thick. You can also cut up the tenders and make chicken nuggets.

(but do that before breading)

Serve them with anything even your favorite chips 🙂

Remember as always check out my Facebook page Pesky Apron Strings Cooking Tips and Advice for more in-depth advice.



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