“EU to ban olive oil jugs from restaurants”


English: Vinegar & Olive Oil

English: Vinegar & Olive Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw this posted by David Lebovitz, Food Blogger. I am shocked because this sounds more like bureaucratic America than very open Europe. The European Union is saying that Jan 1, 2014 they will no longer allow (non labelled, artisan made) olive oil to sit on the tables, nor be served in bowls. The EU wants to provide safe food practices. I agree with it, but I also am sad. The greatest part about being in Europe and eating in the different places I have is the ambiance and the items you have on the table to dress your food. It will take away from that. I am surprised though, that why hasn’t there been an option to get the artisan olive oil inspected and bottled. Then instead of having it on the table, have a table side service of sorts, where the waiter pours it, allowing you to add herbs/cheese of your choice, on a burner that infuses it for you. And Voila Artisan Olive Oil, infused without worry that there might be bacteria, by using the heating method.
Anyway check the article out. If you havent been to Europe, then you better do so before the law is in place. 🙂


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