As usual catering is not happening

The person who the catering was supposed to be for finally decided what he wanted, after he asked these ladies to do the planning, and it wasn’t anything I myself or these ladies could do. Of course only a single man would ask for Nurnberger Wursts and Sauer Kraut for a change of command ceremony for 200+ people. That’s really limited and not everyone eats that stuff.

So right now no catering..But now I have some fantastic ideas for future parties I attend. Oh well, guess my time will come eventually.

Have a Happy Weekend. And for you Americans please remember that Memorial day is not about the BBQ and Day at the lake, but for the sacrifices our Armed Forces has made for you to have that bbq and day at the lake. Not just the armed forces but the public servants such as police, firemen, border patrol, etc.

I myself am an Iraqi Veteran, my husband is a 2 time Afghanistan Vet and 1 time Iraq Vet.

 And he is still serving. So don’t let that service go unnoted


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