A Rainy Day is a Baking Day in my House

As usual it’s rainy and cold. This is the coldest spring on record for Germany. A BIG disappointment, the local pool is scheduled to open June 5th, but I doubt the weather is going to be nice. The brighter note is I leave in a few weeks to spend time in the states. Warm Weather is waiting for me.


Today I decided I was in the mood for a cookie. Although I wasn’t sure what. I am nostalgic when it comes to cooking. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie were something we always made when the weather was bad, or going on road trips. I whipped up a batch of oatmeal cookies (no raisins in my pantry), I love the texture of these lovely morsels. I prefer them Chewy in the middle and crisp on the outside.


One thing you should always know about cookies they are finicky. Can’t always win with them. They either turn out or they don’t. Fortunately, I have a tip. Always pay attention to the first batch, you can adjust your dough depending on how the first batch turns out. This is a drop cookie therefore, you don’t need to handle the dough as you would cut out cookies.

If the Cookie spreads too much and is very thin, add more flour (can change the texture of your cookies),  or may need to be chilled for a few hours before baking. Some dough’s have a large liquid content and are meant to be chilled before using. The integrity of the cookie can slacken without the proper knowledge.

If your cookies come out too hard, and crumble, you either cooked them too long or too hot, check the temperature of your oven, as well as the amount of time you are supposed to cook them. Can also be a cause of overmixing. Dough is meant to just come together, and not be mixed too much.

If they break when being removed from the pan, Let them rest on the pan for a few minutes before removing and putting on a cooling rack.

If you want a chewy cookie, if it calls for softened butter, MELT it.  It will make the texture turn out chewy.

If you want a Crisp on the oustide cookie. Leave it in slightly longer than the recipe calls . Of course pay attention to it.

I will post the recipe I made on a future post.

Meanwhile as my dough was chilling I decided to make something else. I could’t decide what, but I saw the recipe on the side of the box of brown sugar.  Brown Sugar Pound Cake. It’s in the Oven as we speak (or type).

BrownSugar Pound Cake Meanwhile

Both of the recipes I have used have brown sugar. I guess it could be a theme.


I will post the recipes later.  I figured I would post something delicious and keep you hanging. 🙂


Have a good one and please come back to check out the recipes.






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