NYC restaurants sued over tipping practice

Outlandish that restaurants are putting this into play. Especially if service and/or food is not up to par. And to say after the fact that it is optional to change or take off the already added in gratuity is just stupid. I hope that this suit goes through and these big companies, as well as small figure out that we the customer don’t appreciate being nickel and dimed.


4 thoughts on “NYC restaurants sued over tipping practice

  1. Ok…so I will respond to this carefully – because I have mixed views. I have been bartending about 10 years. Currently, I only do it 2 days a week – mainly to get away from the computer, dirty diapers and PB&J’s for a couple of hours…lol.

    I personally do not like automatic gratuity added to my check just because we have a larger party than the families sitting next to us. However….I do understand the reasoning behind it. There are so many people that don’t tip. And especially with large group seating – everyone thinks everyone else tipped – and then no one actually does. I don’t mind seeing “Suggested gratuity” of 17%-20% on my check – as long as it is only suggested – because ultimately I will tip what I want.

    I don’t know the pay scale for the service industry is in New York – but in Texas most servers only make $2 or $3 an hour! So the tips are our income. I have had it argued that we “chose” this profession and we shouldn’t get paid extra for doing our job. Our salary states hourly + tips – because it is widely known that you should tip the service industry.

    IMO – The bottom line is if you go into a bar or restaurant plan to tip your server based on the service they provided while you were there. I do not agree with automatic gratuity (even though I understand it). I’m interested to see how this law suit plays out and to see if it trickles down to us here in Texas.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Well it was adding gratuity to your bill regardless of how many individuals were in your party. I waitressed as a teen in Utah. and the pay rate sucks compared to the national average. I fully agree with tipping based on service and the food.
      I thought this was interesting nonetheless. I plant to go back to work in the service industry, hopefully not as a waitress. To see this practice going on, I feel for the customer. I don’t want to go to a restaurant and know they are trying to finagle every penny I earned out of me. I am in Kerrville at my parents right now. I have lived in Austin, Round Rock area. I have gone to school with many who worked their way through culinary school. It’s not an easy job. If this comes to light in Texas I am sure we will see a problem, with customer vs server, customer vs restaurant. It’s wrong to imply that it’s easier for them to add it to our check.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree! I think I’ll blog on this too. I’ll (try to) ping back to your original post. I’m such a newbie…I’m just learning the in’s and out’s of blogging…lol. But this is something I’d like to get more people’s views on.

    • Haha totally understand it takes a few times doing it to understand what you are doing. Still learning as I go.

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