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Chicken Enchiladas, No fuss


Chicken enchiladas is my favorite meal when it comes to mexican cuisine. This is an easy recipe meant for people who don’t cook all the time, but can do the very basics. If you prep all of this ahead of time, it’s too easy. it’s all a matter of putting things together, rolling them up, pouring them on, letting them get bubbly and voila!



2lbs chicken breasts (boneless, preferably)

3 cans of enchilada sauce

4 cups of shredded cheese (I used Kraft Mexican)

2 small onions (Chopped)

3-4 cloves of garlic (minced)

12-24 small tortillas (I prefer larger, but that’s what they brought me)

Optional Add-ins:

Green Chilies

Rotel Tomatoes

Beans (black beans, refried, etc)

Yellow Rice


So during the day yesterday I took the chicken and boiled it in a pot of water for 10-15 minutes until it was cooked through (no pink showing). I drained it and allowed it to cool.

DSCN2912 DSCN2916

Once Cooled I tore it til it was small pieces. Placed it in a covered bowl and set aside.


Take your onions, chop them and put them in a bowl and set aside. Mince your garlic, set aside,

DO THIS AHEAD OF TIME. Saves DSCN2928 DSCN2926you from having a big headache if you are not used to cooking at all.

Lessons I am teaching my brother-in-law and his significant other:

  1. Cook what you like
  2. Don’t spend god awful amounts of money on ingredients, but remember that fresh is better and usually cheaper
  3. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a chef for that matter to make a delicious meal
  4. You can prep many things ahead of time, NO FUSS, as I said in my title
  5. Most of the meals you make can be frozen, prepared ahead, cooked later. (My goal is to teach them self sufficiency in that area) I repeat NO FUSS
  6. Any ingredients, particularly fresh produce can be prepped the day you bring them home from the grocery store and frozen until ready to put in your meals,
  7. Having a plan when you have a family is great, I showed them a template which I use (most of time) I try to plan weekly what I will be cooking, easy on me, on my purse, and I can coupon as well. http://organizedhome.com/printable/household-notebook/weekly-menu-planner  I will tell you this is a great way to start organzing yourself and your meals. And your family can decide what they want to eat and know what they are eating (no more “Mom, What’s for dinner?”)

Once you are ready to cook the enchiladas, saute the onions and garlic. Don’t burn the  garlic. Add in a can of the enchilada sauce, warming it up slightly. pour it into the chicken, adding  cup of cheese. Mix it all together. DSCN2931

In a casserole dish, put some enchilada sauce in the bottom (enough to cover it)

Take a tortilla, about 2-3 teaspoons full of chicken mixture and roll it up. place it seam side down in the casserole dish. Repeat until all mixture is gone. Cover with more enchilada sauce, and cheese.  Bake at 370 degrees for 20-25 minutes until bubbly.

There are other types of enchilada sauces but this is the only one I can find in the store. Dress it up, dress it down. Add some sour cream and some green onion for a pop of color. This can be interchangeable. I do beef enchiladas, those are much simpler in that you do everything in one pan and then transfer to the tortilla.


Hope you enjoy this recipe.


Summer’s Chocolate Cake

My somewhat ugly  chocolate cake with a shiny cooked frosting (which I did not completely beat enough)

My somewhat ugly chocolate cake with a shiny cooked frosting (which I did not completely beat enough)

Okay so this is a family recipe out of my handy dandy family cook book that was put together by my cousin Jacquie. It was put together in lieu of the 60th anniversary party. My whole family cooks one thing or another, we put together our best and favorite recipes. From Pumpkin Cookies, to Pickled Wieners and even Pad Thai courtesy of my Uncle Bun (who is Vietnamese and Laotian).

This chocolate cake is very basic, and was meant to be served hot in a bowl, with milk poured over it. It’s still eaten that way by my uncles. Every ingredient and item cost money. My grandma at the time with 7 kids never made frosting it could be expensive so the simple adornment of fresh milk is what they did.

Chocolate Cake:

2 Cups Sugar

2 Eggs

1/2 Cup Oil

2 1/2 Cups Flour

1/2 Cup Cocoa

1 tsp. Vanilla

1/2 tsp. salt

2 tsp. Baking Soda

1 cup Milk

1 cup hot water

Mix together sugar, oil, and eggs.  Combine flour, cocoa, salt, baking soda.  Add vanilla. Alternate flour  milk into sugar mixture.  Add Hot water last. It will be a liquid mixture.  Grease and flour 2- 9″ pans. pouring batter evenly into both. Bake in oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes.

I decided to make a cooked frosting, which was my disaster which I shall share with you. I did not beat the egg whites hard enough while over the double boiler. So hence a very runny frosting. Makes the cake look shiny though.  It does taste good, too.  I always say it doesn’t have to look good to taste good.


Enjoy. You might try it like I said, hot out of the oven with milk poured over it. You don’t know what you are missing.


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