The Amateur Gourmet, a must read

The Amateur Gourmet,  a must read

I picked this up in Hastings in Kerrville, Texas. I must say I started reading expecting, well expecting nothing. It got you from the first sentence. Well written, funny, bringing me back to many experiences I have had myself over the years. Adam Roberts describes being an Amateur cook, starting out with nothing and eventually being able to cook great things. I highly recommend this for anyone who has doubted their own abilities in the kitchen. I myself have always been in the kitchen, I never doubt what I do. I do meet people regularly who tell me they have no confidence or know how in the kitchen. Well this book gives you an inside scoop to someone who also at the beginning of their food experience had no idea how to do squat. Everyone can be a foodie and a gourmet. ” This will happen to you. If you cook, I promise, this will happen. You will fail. Over and over again you will fail and then, even when you get better, you will fail some more. You will undercook your fish, you will burn your coffee cake, you will scorch, decimate, and curdle more often, at first, than you will smack your lips in delight. For those of us who come late to the kitchen, this is how we begin–we begin as miserable failures.” From Roberts Introduction. Most people I know who have spent little to no time in the kitchen, this is the result. Although I can tell you I have had many many failures in my kitchen. I just don’t reflect on them, they have helped me hone my recipes and skills.

Read this book, it will lure you in and incite some hilarious but useful knowledge on your dinner plate.

Check out this guys website too.

Sorry to my many followers, Traveling is taking a toll on me. So I am catching on a long forgotten hobby of mine, reading. I was lucky enough to pick this book up in the sale bin at Hastings. There is more to come in the next few weeks. I have been truly lacking on this blog. I have been requested to make Chicken Cordon Bleu, Lumpia (Egg Rolls), as well as expirement with my first Italian Cream Cake (aty least to my knowledge) Bear with me while I spend my last little bit of my long extended vacation at my inlaws in South Carolina. We finally get to see my husband over this Labor Day Weekend. So I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend, Labor Day Weekend if your stateside.


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