Murphy’s Law and Spongebob Cake

I am almost done. I should be saying Phew!, wiping my brow and whistling to myself.  It hasn’t been the most easiest of cakes. Honestly it’s the most difficult cake I have tried with fondant over the entire cake. The heat also isn’t helping. It has been relatively cool here in South Carolina, but today was on the warm and humid side.  Hard to work with butter-cream and fondant when it is really warm.

Don’t get me started on the pineapple.  Murphy’s law which is when if something can go wrong, will go wrong (no matter how much you try to control the situation) intervened with my putting cake together fun day. My pineapple which had 5 pieces of cake piled on top of each other, shrank to 3. My bottom layer fell apart, stuck to everything including the fondant I was handling, almost ruining the fondant and the pineapple. I managed to finagle the fondant over the 3 good pieces and came up with a very… well, less grand of a pineapple. Let’s just say this would be Spongebob’s first house. Or if you have watched the show (apparently pineapples come out of a can) we got the mini can.  I have to say I managed a patchwork job on the fondant on the cake, it wasn’t giving for what I was trying to take. Stretching fondant is a pain, which Is why I need a pasta machine.  (add to my laundry list of things I need to add to my kitchen inventory)

I managed to get most of the kinks worked out, still need to put Spongebob together, and paint his face, Paint the outside of the pineapple, add Happy Birthday and hope that everything stays good overnight. Tomorrow is her party, supposedly a thunderstorm is going to be occurring, again Murphy’s Law. *AUDIBLE SIGH*  And to top it off my husband went hunting leaving me with my daughter.  No meltdowns though (not talking about my daughter) Keep thinking to myself tomorrow will be a better day. *Crosses Fingers*


Cake  How does it look?


“Those are my flowers” Spongebob Cake Progress


So I started on the under the sea flowers for the Spongebob Birthday cake today. A lot of Tedious work. 15 of each color,. My daughter on the other hand thought they were “pretty” and that they were “hers”.  Now if only I  could keep her from touching them. I also started the leaves for the top of the pineapple portion. Although I’m not sure if they will be sturdy, hence me making them now to allow them to dry hard, and easily stand up (I hope…) I am preparing for the worst. Considering I’m stacking about 6 little cakes on top of each other for the pineapple and two of those don’t look that great after carving them. My backup plan is to get a dowel or two in order to keep the pineapple from falling.  Everyone keeps asking how or necessarily why I do so much work for a cake? Well, I truly enjoy the results that I get once it is done. It’s a special moment knowing that I made that cake for my daughter. My father used to make my cakes when I was little, so carrying on a tradition is a BIG deal.


If you have any suggestions for me, speak now or forever hold your peace. 🙂


My cakes are in the freezer, Need to get a large cake board (or make one myself), a small bottle of vodka— (no not what you were thinking it was for…) for painting on the cake….Still need to give Spongebob Legs, and Arms…His face will be one of the last things I do….


Hope you enjoy the progress




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