Ice cream makes new ear piercings all the better

Ice cream makes a new ear piercing all the better

So, My daughter decided after my husbands pestering to get her ears pierced. She’s almost 3. I am one of those parents that believes in not piercing ears at birth and rather allowing my child to decide whether or not she wants her ears pierced. So we explained that it would hurt and but the prettiness outweighs the bad. But she did cry after the initial click of the guns going. Earring Gun… She had them both done at once. My husband whispered sweet nothings (ones that a two-year old would like) Ice cream, and a ride on those money grabbing kiddie rides at the mall got her perked up again. Needless to say a mini chocolate extravaganza blizzard ( at least I think that is what it’s called) and about 4 rides on those machines, and a few whines later and pulling her off em kickin’…..We were satisfied. Left the mall with ears pierced, a Halloween costume, some smelly stuff from Bath and Body Works. Good Labor Day Weekend. No Food to share, but sharing some happy mommy moments. Happy Labor Day Weekend to those in the states! Happy Weekend to everyone regardless!


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