To Puree Squash

I puree squash. Why do you say?  Not for babyfood!  For baking, specifically squash bread.

And I know some people boil squash or pumpkin for that matter. I roast mine.  I feel it maintains the flavor and wholesomeness better.

Squash 3

Cut the top off. Slice in half length wise.

squash 5

Please don’t tell me what they look like!

Squash 4

Scoop out the insides, clean the sides from the stringy pieces.  I kept my seeds in a bowl for later. (later post)

Squash 1

Cover each one in a coating of olive oil. (this keeps it from drying and catching on fire in the oven.

Squash 2In a preheat oven of 425 degrees Fahrenheit, Roast until fork tender.

Peel2 Peel
Peel the outer skin after cooling the squash for a time. It’s pretty simple. Although some pieces may try to take some meat with them.

Discard Peels


Puree in a blender, Add water if needed, it may give you some trouble in the blender. Overall its just needs a little blending as it is already mushy. Just trying to get the remaining chunks out.

Place in quart size baggies. About 2 cups per baggy.

Freeze when cool. Pull out when ready for use, allow to thaw.

Voila. How easy was that?!


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