This Blogpress Foodie Lady

This Blogpress Foodie Lady, doesn’t want to bore you with a typical bio.

I know you are probably only viewing this because you are a nosy person, wondering what this crazy lady has in store for your viewing pleasure.

No that is not meant to be dirty.

I have been in the kitchen since I was a small child. I was probably the only child in my family who took food to a whole other level. Don’t get me wrong my whole family loves to cook. A cousin of mine is a nutritionist, my parents avidly cook voluntarily for veterans organizations as well as at home.

I had the opportunity to go to culinary school after returning from a deployment in Iraq and some other time spent in Germany with the US Army. I used the GI Bill to my full advantage. I’d always wanted to go just to have that experience. I already knew that I did not want to work in a High End kitchen per se, but the experience would be profitable to me in more ways than one.

I got pregnant and married during my time at culinary school. (Yes in that order) I did graduate although with a family to boot. My husband is active Army and With deployments, deaths of family members, major moves overseas, I haven’t had the opportunity to actually work in the culinary profession.

Right now I am a recipe without a book to be written in.  I am living in Burgbernheim, Germany. Enjoying the culture, sites, sounds, and foods of Europe. I am biding my time until I can work again, which will not be until we return to the US.

I would like to be health inspector. But the path to that job may require me working in a kitchen or two. I’d rather take that path than return to college and have the majority of my current credits go to waste because my school is not recognized as accredited with whatever school I apply for. I am 25 and don’t have the desire to sit in a classroom, when the world is at my door. I want to experience it even if I have to work my ass off literally.

This blog is for me to continue to discover food, the culinary aspects, the health aspects, the life aspects. To involve everyone who reads it into my world. I think about food about 99% of the time. It’s fascinating to me, and I want to know everything. Please join me, I may sometimes falter from the subject but I always bring my ideas around full circle.

God Bless you All



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