Pumpkin Cheesecake Minis


Yup Pumpkin, again!

Are you sick of it yet?

Well, I have never added pumpkin to cheesecake before. I have made different variation of the cheesecake bite, with chocolate, mint chocolate etc. However, not a puree..

Well it really was too easy.

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First of all with cheesecake anything, your ingredients should be at room temperature so they come together like they should. If one item is too cold you may have liquid chasing the cheese around the bowl. Not Kidding. Had it happen. Cream you cream cheese alone before adding anything else, just as you would butter, add each item one by one. After all ingredients are adding, Whip well.


Make sure you use liners in the your cupcake tins.


Bake for 15 minutes, allow to cool. Refrigerate for best eating results.

Cheesecake mini


I didn’t add any spices, but I plan to top it with Whip cream and a dash of pumpkin spice.


I will be placing this in ziplock bags and freeze until Thanksgiving. Allow to thaw and top with whip cream and cinnamon or cocoa powder.

My first batch I left in just a few minutes over, so they browned a bit.

Let me know how yours turns out!


Portioning in Baking

I have had a lot of people ask me how my cupcakes come out all alike. Simple, portioning.

Scoop, my favorite item from Pampered Chef, Great for Cookies, Cupcakes etc

Scoop, my favorite item from Pampered Chef, Great for Cookies, Cupcakes etc

I utilize ice cream scoops, Scoopers like above to provide even portions in each cupcake, mini cupcake, cookie, that I do. Unfortunately, the above scooper, my favorite one, broke. Pampered Chef sells this one, as well as 2 larger sizes. This one above is great for the mini cupcakes, mini cheesecake, mini cookies. Apparently, I am too  rough with my kitchen stuff.

But if you are wondering if these work, yes they do!

If you are interested in a product like this my very good friend Stephani is a representative for Pampered Chef:



Thank you! Check out my next blog post, Pumpkin Cheesecake Minis




That Spice Cake from Halloween

So I did a how-to for the “spice cake” cupcakes I failed to a give a proper homage to right before Halloween. Only thing I did this time was put it in a bundt pan..With sore results when it came out of the pan like this…stuck to the pan…As you can tell I am not a perfect baker, no one is. Things happen, so prepare for anything.



and before that I broke my Villeroy and Boch Platter….

1472281_10201954280594910_564202559_nJust waiting for something else to occur. These things happen in three’s you know.

I suggest just doing the cupcakes…



Original Recipe: Grandma’s Spice Cake:

Recipe Card


Separate your eggs at the beginning…It’s much easier if you have that done, and don’t rush it. Make sure not to get any yolk in your whites, it can be difficult to get your Whites to whip if there is  a little bit of yolk in it.


Cream your butter, add sugar and whip well, add in the egg and cream together til fluffy and light in color


Butter Whipped


Added Sugar and Whipped


Adding Yokes

Next step is to combine all dry ingredients together, before adding to your mixture above.  995547_10201954447999095_1734021296_n 1459166_10201954447879092_971069949_n 1476240_10201954447919093_734277366_n

You will add the milk and flour Alternately. You batter will be thick. Mix until incorporated.




Pour into a separate bowl, and clean your mixing bowl.1471171_10201954450039146_250852783_n 1470014_10201954449879142_1023723054_n

When you whip egg whites you don’t want anything to drop into your egg white mixture, because it can cause the egg whites not to whip. Hence the warning about the yolks as well. The reason we are adding a meringue to the batter is to aerate it, will make this cake super moist and fluffy.

1451605_10201954451879192_1975346852_n 1422572_10201954451679187_2014727189_n1453421_10201954451719188_1555053956_n 1471780_10201954451799190_644766974_n


The sugar added while it is bubbly at the beginning will stabilize your egg whites. (a fail safe so to speak)

995874_10201954453559234_80659617_n 1457568_10201954453679237_1480788785_nFold in your egg whites. Do not stir, or you will defeat the purpose of the egg whites. Stirring will tamp the air down., by folding you are slowly aerating the batter.



Put in prepared pan, Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As you saw mine didn’t pop out of the pan as I wanted, but that does not mean yours wont.  If you do cupcakes, use liners.

Top with a Maple or Molasses Flavored Butter cream (the cupcakes) I would do a simple drizzled icing for the bundt.

This is a very aromatic cake, but is perfect for this time of year. Accompany this with coffee or tea.

Hope you enjoy this recipe.


Murphy’s Law and Spongebob Cake

I am almost done. I should be saying Phew!, wiping my brow and whistling to myself.  It hasn’t been the most easiest of cakes. Honestly it’s the most difficult cake I have tried with fondant over the entire cake. The heat also isn’t helping. It has been relatively cool here in South Carolina, but today was on the warm and humid side.  Hard to work with butter-cream and fondant when it is really warm.

Don’t get me started on the pineapple.  Murphy’s law which is when if something can go wrong, will go wrong (no matter how much you try to control the situation) intervened with my putting cake together fun day. My pineapple which had 5 pieces of cake piled on top of each other, shrank to 3. My bottom layer fell apart, stuck to everything including the fondant I was handling, almost ruining the fondant and the pineapple. I managed to finagle the fondant over the 3 good pieces and came up with a very… well, less grand of a pineapple. Let’s just say this would be Spongebob’s first house. Or if you have watched the show (apparently pineapples come out of a can) we got the mini can.  I have to say I managed a patchwork job on the fondant on the cake, it wasn’t giving for what I was trying to take. Stretching fondant is a pain, which Is why I need a pasta machine.  (add to my laundry list of things I need to add to my kitchen inventory)

I managed to get most of the kinks worked out, still need to put Spongebob together, and paint his face, Paint the outside of the pineapple, add Happy Birthday and hope that everything stays good overnight. Tomorrow is her party, supposedly a thunderstorm is going to be occurring, again Murphy’s Law. *AUDIBLE SIGH*  And to top it off my husband went hunting leaving me with my daughter.  No meltdowns though (not talking about my daughter) Keep thinking to myself tomorrow will be a better day. *Crosses Fingers*


Cake  How does it look?