“EU to ban olive oil jugs from restaurants”


English: Vinegar & Olive Oil

English: Vinegar & Olive Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw this posted by David Lebovitz, Food Blogger. I am shocked because this sounds more like bureaucratic America than very open Europe. The European Union is saying that Jan 1, 2014 they will no longer allow (non labelled, artisan made) olive oil to sit on the tables, nor be served in bowls. The EU wants to provide safe food practices. I agree with it, but I also am sad. The greatest part about being in Europe and eating in the different places I have is the ambiance and the items you have on the table to dress your food. It will take away from that. I am surprised though, that why hasn’t there been an option to get the artisan olive oil inspected and bottled. Then instead of having it on the table, have a table side service of sorts, where the waiter pours it, allowing you to add herbs/cheese of your choice, on a burner that infuses it for you. And Voila Artisan Olive Oil, infused without worry that there might be bacteria, by using the heating method.
Anyway check the article out. If you havent been to Europe, then you better do so before the law is in place. ūüôā

One-Third of U.S Honey Bee Colonies Died Last Winter

One-Third of U.S Honey Bee Colonies Died Last Winter

We Should be Concerned. I have read many other articles on this same subject. I just wanted to bring it up, I plan to do some more research on a whole on this subject. What are your thoughts on this loss?

Foods that promote healthy hair growth

Today I cut my hair, not a lot, but I went with bangs. I haven’t worn bangs since I was a kid. I have to say I am pretty happy with it, besides the occasional pushing it out of my eyes.


I remember a time I was really sick, with mono and other immune system issues. My hair was falling out and looked really unhealthy. I had done some research on what besides hair vitamins you could do to stabilize the hair and help it grow more healthy.

Here are some foods that do help:

Walnuts: Whether it’s the nut itself or the oil. It is chock full of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, as well as Biotin, and Vitamin E. (All things good for healthy hair growth). Too little Biotin causes hair loss. Walnuts have copper in them which helps you maintain colorful locks.

omega-3 fatty acid

Any of several polyunsaturated fatty acids found in leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils, and cold-water fish such as salmon and mackerel. These acids are capable of reducing serum cholesterol levels and have anticoagulant properties. Omega-3 fatty acids are chemically characterized by having a double bond three carbon atoms away from one end of their carbon chain. (thefreedictionary.com)
Prunes: Iron rich. Helps¬†with hair texture, hair loss, dull hair and thinning of the hair. And it also helps with Bowel Movements. (so it’s not just for old people)
Dark Leafy Green Vegetables: Lettuces, Spinach, and Broccoli for instance of course have Omega 3’s and also Vitamin A and C which help form Sebum. The thing that keeps your scalp moisturized. (that’s a good thing)

Every day the average person loses 60-100 strands of hair.

Lentils: Full of Folic Acid provides proper oxygen to your scalp and hair for continual hair growth. (Lentils are also a great substitute for rice or potatoes in a meal)
Blueberries: Oxygen again as well as hair breakage. ( I know I do hate my split ends)
The amount of hair on the average human head is capable of supporting a weight equivalent of that of 99 people (FACT)
Greek Yogurt: Vitamin B5  prevention of graying and hair loss. Also full of protein which is also great for your hair.
Bacon: YES Bacon, although suggested only eating 4 ounces occasionally. Of course has protein, but also zinc and vitamin B.
Normally, dry hair can be stretched one-fifth of its length before breaking. Wet hair can stretch between 40-50% of its length. (FACT)
Salmon: The number one thing I found in my research (and I don’t eat salmon), Vitamin D and Omega 3’s, Hydration Hydration Hydration. That’s it’s job.
There are so many foods that are great for your hair. I cannot list them all. I can recommend you trying some and seeing if there is a difference in you hair after a period of time. All are also healthy for a balanced diet. These vitamins can also help to boost immune systems, which in part will help metabolism, fighting infections, and in general leading a healthier existence.
During summers and while we sleep hair growth is faster (FACT)

Should public health officials be involved in regulating what one eats?


What scientists call "Overweight" ch...

What scientists call “Overweight” changes with our knowledge of human health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to see what people think on this issue. ¬†My friend had to answer this for a college class. Right now with obesity being an epidemic in the US (I’m not sure elsewhere, but this is more geared toward the US). I wonder whether regulation is strict enough or too lax on the whole matter. ¬†I will reserve my thoughts until I see what thoughts and ideas are brought up.

Please Answer and give a comment to why yes or why not.