Items You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen #2


Need I say more, but I suppose I do.  Toothpicks are one of the best inventions, at least to me.

They are useful for many many many things besides getting that spinach out of your teeth.In 1872, Silas Noble and J. P. Cooley patented the first toothpick-manufacturing machine.

They have been around a long time, so obviously they found their uses.


Testing Doneness in Baking

Drawing Lines on Pastries, swirling colors together, etc

A Pick for Appetizers and small sized food (So no one passes germs around)

I have used them to Keep plastic wrap from touching something like frosting on a cake

To assist in vegetable or fruit carving as bases, or nails

They are also great gifts for men like my husband who are constantly picking at their teeth (you can buy actual metal toothpicks, in the 17th century they were like jewelery laden with jewels)

To hold something you created in the kitchen together, if it decides it wants to fall apart, and if you are like me. About to flip out and throw the creation on the floor in frustration. Toothpicks come in handy, yes they do.

Mixing icing colors

Cleaning small nooks and crannies on the stove and around the sink. (Gets the grime)




See Many uses, What do you do with toothpicks?


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