Not Food Related:

I will try to keep this page as current with what is going on or where my interests lie.

Bring Jason Dement Home:
I will be posting a link to an acquaintance of many of my friends, who is also a community member of myself and many others. He is right now in Turkey unable to leave because of 2 “stones” he picked up on a beach in Turkey. He has a family who lives in Germany, who are without their husband and father. If you can help or spread the word. We are hoping they will release him, and make the procedures that follow quick and painless. (I am removing the post I have made, and instead posting this for people to see on this page)

American Legion Auxiliary EmblemVeterans Organizations:

I am a member of the American Legion, 40 et 8, Women’s Auxiliary. I am an Army Veteran, literally on my last year or so before I get out, currently in the IRR. I was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007 during the surge. I believe in supporting soldiers, and veterans alike so that they can transition into life after the military with ease. I am also and Army Wife, who follows her husband wherever he is called to work…Currently Germany.


Suicide Prevention for Soldiers and Veterans combating PTSD, TBI and a lot of other things: Really great video by Soldier Hard addressing this issue

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