Crochet Creation

I learned to basic crochet last year. I have hand issues so I stopped for a long while.  I have come back to doing it. It’s a lot of fun and is something I feel accomplished in. I am slowly learning more techniques:

992548_10201887613608277_1670832772_n 1376062_10201887613328270_916203068_n 1388535_10201894159971932_235968756_n 1418377_10201887611528225_1555762258_n 1419840_10201893907085610_446345370_n 1420373_10201845020223469_602854884_n 1420560_10201854905030583_812020283_n 1457031_10201853593637799_447742811_n 1458965_10201853593157787_229390277_n 1461914_10201861967967152_1024762789_n start of cap


This Website has some easy patterns to begin with, I looked up a lot of terms. Crocheting is complicated with all the terminology. (this is the pattern I have been using)

But you can find all sorts of patterns.


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