Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs have to be by far my favorite appetizers to make. If you are wondering I put mustard, lots of mustard in them. However, once in awhile I get a hankering to try something different.

I had a friend when we lived in Germany who also attended the same school as I did that made an avocado deviled egg which got me thinking what other types could I create? Now the thing with deviled eggs that you must remember the shell has to be able to hold whatever you put in it within reason. It is typically a one bite appetizer at most two. And personally it should have a unique or defined flavor. If you are like me themed foods are fun. Now think of food items you usually have in front of a sports game or eat at a sport bar and you get the typical chicken wings with some sort of sauce.

Not your ordinary Deviled Egg…

I do not out of the norm eat spicy foods but occasionally I feel the want for buffalo wings which really is mild in comparison to other used sauces on wings. But to me they are the spiciest thing I will try. And they still give my tongue a burn and a need to drink something extra cold with them.

I made these a few years back but I used a food processor to process the chicken into a pulp.

What you will need is

  • 1/2 breast of cooked chicken (boiled, roasted whatever your preference)
  • 1 dozen eggs, halved, de-yolked
  • 1 dozen yolks mushed
  • 1-2 stalks of celery minced
  • Mayo/Greek Yogurt varies on preference 3tbsp
  • Buffalo Sauce 1-2tbsp
  • Blue Cheese 3tbsp and remaining for garnish

For my photos I actually ate some of my boiled eggs before hand so I ended up with about 7 eggs instead of a dozen so the mixture was less egg at. Plus I went a little overboard and put a whole breast. I chopped the meat up into very small chunks but this can easily be thrown into a processor with the egg yolk and add the liquid until it resembles the consistency you want. Now if you are going to process add in the celery after you are done processing so you can get the little feel of celery in each bite. Also this is when you add blue cheese because you might also want that little surprise in every bite.

Once you are done mixing and tasting. Please taste and adjust as you need you may even want salt and pepper or more sauce.

Fill each egg. You probably will have a bit of extra filling. See photo of excess can be used with celery sticks or crackers and be eaten also as a side but moreso a dip.

Top with some blue cheese and buffalo sauce for added flair.

Substitutions: Greek yogurt for mayonnaise.

Cauliflower, minced instead of chicken.

If you don’t have the time or kitchen to do all the prep like boiling. They sell boiled eggs in the refrigerated section in the grocery store along with rotisserie chickens. You could easily take the ingredients to work and make them quickly.

And if you are looking for a different type of serving versus using the egg shell serve this on celery similar to Ants on a Log, but more grown up style. Instead of using the shells chop them lightly and add to chicken mixture and top celery pieces with it.

My mom mentioned this being a great idea for those dieting and looking for less carbs as it is mostly a protein with minimal fats.

Spice up your gathering today and make a fun little dinner addition.

The ladies at the Sunday Social might gasp at the sight, but who knows you might surprise them.


Items You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen #2


Need I say more, but I suppose I do.  Toothpicks are one of the best inventions, at least to me.

They are useful for many many many things besides getting that spinach out of your teeth.In 1872, Silas Noble and J. P. Cooley patented the first toothpick-manufacturing machine.

They have been around a long time, so obviously they found their uses.


Testing Doneness in Baking

Drawing Lines on Pastries, swirling colors together, etc

A Pick for Appetizers and small sized food (So no one passes germs around)

I have used them to Keep plastic wrap from touching something like frosting on a cake

To assist in vegetable or fruit carving as bases, or nails

They are also great gifts for men like my husband who are constantly picking at their teeth (you can buy actual metal toothpicks, in the 17th century they were like jewelery laden with jewels)

To hold something you created in the kitchen together, if it decides it wants to fall apart, and if you are like me. About to flip out and throw the creation on the floor in frustration. Toothpicks come in handy, yes they do.

Mixing icing colors

Cleaning small nooks and crannies on the stove and around the sink. (Gets the grime)




See Many uses, What do you do with toothpicks?


Creating a Menu: Couch to 5K

Strange things on the menu here

Strange things on the menu here (Photo credit: leunix)

Sorry to everyone. The last few days have been cram-full of things going on. We have a military ball on the 2nd of May, our anniversary on the 1st. A Friend of mine who caters asked me to cater a party on June 1st. She will be out of town for vacation. So I have been perusing recipes, planning a menu, pricing things etc. You don’t realize how much goes into just putting an item on a menu, availability of products, servings, expense, allergens. Which, it doesn’t seem like a hard request which was sandwiches and a few appetizers, but for 100 people it is. You have to change a recipe that typically feeds 16 and multiply it.¬† Not necessarily do you need 100 of that one item, but enough to give everyone a choice. Ughh but I did finally narrow it down and simplified it. So I will be off and on busy hope to show you my process and final products. Lots of work, but finished happy people is my success.¬† The Event: Couch to 5K Awards and Recognition Ceremony

People in Attendance: 100 (that incudes some children)


Reception with Bites to Eat….(that’s what I was told was that she just wanted them to have something)


Something I guess is better than nothing…


I want to make a good impression will be a first where I do it alone, and make some money too.