So tonight I went for simple

We didn’t have anything planned for tonight. As far as meals go. I opted for one of those Quick fast food meals: Subway. Although, those people were not trained well. I’ve eaten enough subway to know when they are making a sandwich wrong, too little lettuce, too much mustard.

I wanted to spring that I also started another blog last night:

The Pesky Military Wife

Pesky Military Wife logo

Bear with me as it is something I feel I want to do as well. Writing about being a military wife, a member of the military as well as a mom. I figure someone will eventually read it. If not, just gets some of my thoughts, ideas, musings out.

Thanks for reading…



I did not fall off the face of the Earth…Yet


No internet and plenty of activities with my daughter. Color Fest in Washington, Utah.

My brother is not normal. No internet in the house except when he is home, which comes from his phone. I spent well over 2 weeks without a proper internet fix. Now I am catching up on many things. We have a 60th wedding anniversary party next week to throw for my lovely grandparents. Please forgive the lack of posts. I do plan on adding some posts this week. As I do have internet again, YAY mom. I am at my mom’s house again. I will be posting about fondant, as I had showed you in most recent post, the minion cake. I was also going to post some tidbits on Kale. A Congratulations to my Brother-in-law Chris and his significant other Shanna who had a baby last night at 11:16 pm 7 lbs 2 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Great Job and welcome to parenthood! If you have a blog that discusses food in any form, please comment. I will be sharing it on my Facebook page: Pesky Apron Strings: Cooking Tips and Advice.  I have a list for Food Bloggers.