Chef Huston’s Cream of Cucumber Soup (Potage Cumberland) (Cross Creeky Cookery)

Okay So I wasn’t keen on cucumber soup much less cream of cucumber soup. I mean who eats cream soups these days?  But I have to say I went full speed ahead and made it. It was a pretty simple recipe so it’s not like I was spending too much time on something I didn’t plan to like.



I technically halved the recipe. Because I didn’t want to let too much go to waste, I am eating it as we speak. I know my husband wont eat it, and convincing my two-year old it is good will be a feat.

Grate cucumber Leftover water

butter in saute panSo First you need to wash a large cucumber. Leave the peel on (for the color), Grate on a grater on the coarse side.  Prepare a saute pan with 2 tbsp butter, on medium high, Add Grated cucumber (discarding the liquid from the cucumbers)




Then Brown the cucumbers slightly. Adding the  1 tbsp flour and mixing in, add the Hot milk and stir, I let it simmer for just a moment. Somewhere in here add about a 1 tsp of salt. Because I added a few pinches. I needed to add more at the end, it didn’t  taste quite right

Cucumbers Saute til slightly brown Add flour to cucumbers






Blend Cucumber mixture in a blender til all blended (it will be a coarse cream soup) You will feel the texture in your mouth.

Blender Blended







Final Look: It will be flecked with green.. It’s not a green soup necessarily.

Cream of Cucumber Soup DoneMine was frothy from the milk, but I think if you let it sit before pouring it might settle. And I garnished it with sliced cucumbers, and a little bit of fresh cream.  I’m sure you could add nutmeg or dill just a little might give it a pop.

I at this with Mother’s Biscuits and it was delicious. You have to do both together, let me know how it tastes. I am telling you that probably made the soup even better.

Diping biscuits


As always thanks for reading. See Previous Post for Mother’s Biscuits How-To.