Another Catering Gig

Yes a Random photo of my puppy, Just for kicks. Since I have no food pictures to dazzle you with.

Yes, a Random photo of my wiener Buster, Just for kicks. Since I have no food pictures to dazzle you with.

Well the one I mentioned a few weeks back is not happening. However, I was asked by another group to cater a Change of Command Ceremony. Hors d’oeuvres Style.  Which is my favorite because it allows a lot of creative to go into an item of one or two bite proportions. I have worked out a menu but I alas I have to price it. The only thing I don’t like.

I will share with you a few items I am possibly making:

Polenta Cups with a Sweet Pepper Filling

I was asked for something spicy:  Jalapeno Deviled Egg with a Bacon Crumble


A Carmelized Onion Tart with Apples

All Bite sized (YAY)

There is more but I won’t bore you until I have actually went ahead and made each item

Sorry I have neglected my blog for a few days.  There is more more to come. A hail and farewell is coming up, working on some fun raffle baskets for that. Also a camping trip at the end of the week, which our tent has yet to arrive for.  We have not shopped for this camping trip, so as of now I think all I have is a pack of hotdogs. Pretty lame I know.

I want to try a Slow cooked pork roast on the grill for it.  It Was a Garlic and Lemon marinated, then cooked til it’s blackened on the outside, looked so delicious. Food and Wine is the best magazine.

Well Anyway, Lots to do and My precious daughter is asleep so that means I should be too.

Night Out Away from the Norm- Military Grog Tradition

NiceAs I had stated in my last blog post we have been rather busy, I wanted to share the festivities with you all.

My husband is in the US Army and we attended our first ever military ball. He’s been in 7 years and I am in the IRR and was in the reserves for 6 years and have never myself been to one. So it was a lot of fun for us both. This ball was in honor of his battalion returning from a successful deployment in Afghanistan. It was nice to have a dressed up night where everyone can enjoy a few laughs and many many drinks.

Grog 2

Grog is what a friend of ours was pouring out of that water pitcher.

Lets not forget the Grog, which was Nasty!

Military tradition, Grog is a combination of every alcoholic beverage known to man and then the entire group “drinks” it. Although, I sipped it and then ended up pouring the rest back in the pitcher.

After seeing a bunch of upper echelon military people pour champagne, wine, cognac, jaegermeister, tequila, scotch, rum, whiskey….And a few more I didnt catch. I was rather wary of drinking it. They proceeded to make the Lowest Ranking officer drink a cup from the noxious mixture, then they proceeded to make him turn his cup upside down over his head to make sure he drank it all.



Us Attempting an Embarrassing Dance

But everyone has to try this stuff even if it is just a little sip.. I drank several glasses of white wine and a glass of sekt throughout the evening. Needless to say both myself and my husband had a good ol’ time.

Eric and I just happy as ever

We did have a great time. We did take precautions and had a Designated Driver. And, yes I do drink alcohol on occasion. However, I do not condone drinking alcoholic beverages all the time.  There is a time for having a drink and this was one of those occasions.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks for following, or reading my blog.

Gettin’ Tangled in those Apron Strings

Just to be clear, I started a blog a year ago, during a rather stressful and less happy time in my life. My husband was overseas serving in Afghanistan and I was left with our at the time 1-year-old daughter who was already going through her terrible twos.  So I ended up nixing the blog. Which I apologize to the few who did read it. My now 2 1/2 Year old Eyrie modeling and apron made by her great grandma

My now 2 1/2 Year old Eyrie modeling and apron made by her great grandma

I have recently had more time for myself to express my creativity. In other words put my damn Culinary Degree to good use. For me to continue to hone my skills that I learned in school I would like to offer my fellow bloggees (if that’s how you’re supposed to put it) a look into what I like to dabble in. The Culinary Arts. I attended what was the Texas Culinary Academy, which while I was attending got their Le Cordon Bleu Accreditation. So therefore I ended up at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, graduating with an Associates in Applied Sciences: Culinary Arts.

I am always getting questions from friends and people I know about what to do with what vegetable, how long eggs can last in the fridge etc, this was when the thought came to me to start a Page on my Facebook to give assistance and advice as well as allow others to put in their two cents. Which would also help me in practicing said culinary skills as well as learn more about culinary delightful nom noms.

My Facebook page which is titled Apron Strings: Cooking Tips and Advice has 21 followers which the majority are my family and close friends. I would like to see it branch out to many more people interested in the same things I am . I love Food, the mechanics of it, the honing of it, the cooking and of course the Eating.

I was once a Picky eater, even with that I still loved cooking. My philosophy then was that I didn’t have to eat it to enjoy making it. Now In my lowly years of 24 and almost 25 in May. I have gotten to experience the world. Literally experience it. I was an exchange student in Germany when I was 16 for ten months with the Rotex (Rotary Club International).  I joined the army when I was 17 and became a military police soldier.  I deployed to Iraq in 2007, I turned 19 two months prior to deployment. I spent 9 months there during the surge. I then volunteered to go back to Germany to be an MP, which I in fact did for 10 months in 2008-2009.  I came back in the summer od 2009 to enroll in Culinary School. I did the fast track 15 month class. Which was get your 2 year degree in 15 months, more classes  in each period. Met my husband, got pregnant (no kidding, I didn’t think this girl was nuts as it is). We have been happily married since May of 2010.

2 Deployments down with my husband it’s been a hell of a ride. Thus I restate my point of this really long intro. Apron Strings Doesn’t matter how much I tie those darn things always getting caught in them. But I will always continue cooking no matter the distractions.  Please feel free to read my blog, comment, like me, dislike me etc.  Find my page on Facebook

Please chime in at any time with anything that interests you, or any questions you may have. If I don’t know the answer I will find you one, or find someone who can answer it for you. I have plenty of Cookbooks, Food Books, Websites to resource from.


Sorry for the long intro, please have a good one.