One thing you can do with things on the ground…(and in trees)

Fall Vase


My family and I took an evening walk through the countryside. The town we live in is full of orchards and wooded areas.  I like to pick things up off the ground, pick flowers, pull branches that look pretty. You can make a spectacularly beautiful centerpiece for your table in doing so.

Buck-eyes a virtually useless poisonous nut. However, it is great as a filler for a table decoration.  I also included the shell they come out of. That poky green thing towards the middle.  Still not quite sure what those berries are the black and orange ones…there are different colors all over the place. I am sure they aren’t edible. Pick some good flowers, and some branches to make it full looking bouquet and there you have it. A great table decoration, at no cost to you.

We were also lucky to pick up some pears, plums and a few handfuls of walnuts. Wonder what they taste like?



Our Bounty!