One thing you can do with things on the ground…(and in trees)

Fall Vase


My family and I took an evening walk through the countryside. The town we live in is full of orchards and wooded areas.  I like to pick things up off the ground, pick flowers, pull branches that look pretty. You can make a spectacularly beautiful centerpiece for your table in doing so.

Buck-eyes a virtually useless poisonous nut. However, it is great as a filler for a table decoration.  I also included the shell they come out of. That poky green thing towards the middle.  Still not quite sure what those berries are the black and orange ones…there are different colors all over the place. I am sure they aren’t edible. Pick some good flowers, and some branches to make it full looking bouquet and there you have it. A great table decoration, at no cost to you.

We were also lucky to pick up some pears, plums and a few handfuls of walnuts. Wonder what they taste like?



Our Bounty!



In Search of Green Thumb Advice for Brown Thumb Gardener



Beginners at Gardening, Any Advice and suggestions wanted:

My husband has decided that we should get planter boxes for our balcony. We live on the second story of a 3-floor apartment building, our balcony throughout the day receives an abundance of sunlight. I don’t know much about planting, especially when it comes to planter boxes. I would like to put some herbs and some vegetables that wont mind being in a planter box. I would also like to perhaps do something akin to a morning glory as I love they way they grow around things. Any Advice for a brown thumb? I have grown one or two items on a small scale, so it’s not like I kill what I touch, but I don’t want to get in over my head with any plants either. And we live in Southern Germany, We would like plants mainly for the Spring/Summer time, as once the warm season is over it is difficult to do plants that can stand colder temperatures.

Anyone familiar with Germany‘s climate that knows what plants are good for what, please send your suggestions. Any and all will be considered.  I’m not sure my husband realizes the work that goes into this. He will be working throughout the week, leaving myself and my 2 year old to handle the plants. I’m all for doing some planting, but not by myself. As I would probably do something wrong and doom the plant to it’s early and shallow grave.

Fresh Herbs are ideal for me, because I constantly like to use them in my cooking, but am limited when I go to the Army Post Commissary and even the Germany Economy doesn’t always have what I am looking for.

Beginners at Gardening Any Advice is good advice.