Chicken Club Tacos Replicating Chili’s at Home

I love Chili’s Chicken Club Tacos, reminds me a bit of home, Southwest appeal. When I was pregnant I loved them because they had just the right amount of spice to feed my spicy craving without giving me heart burn. You’re thinking spice in Chicken Club Tacos. Yes, a combination of adobo sauce mixture, and the taco seasoning in the chicken.

I was really, craving something like that instead of just a regular old beef taco. Sometimes you just need something different, but the same. Get my drift.  I was browsing the internet, You can find just about anything on the internet, lo and behold a copy cat recipe for the Chili’s Chicken Club Taco. It is super easy, and delicious. Probably costs less than what you spend when you go to Chili’s.

It’s also one of those meals you can prepare ahead and eat say for lunch at work or just to have when you are not in the mood to cook at all. Cooked chicken can be frozen, just a huge hint there.

Chicken Tacos Recipe

Take your chicken breasts and use the taco seasoning as a dry rub on them.

Chicken 2


The copycat recipe on the website, calls for George Foreman indoor grill. Which, I don’t have. I settled for sauteing them in a small fry pan with little olive oil.  Use your George Foreman if you have one, I’m sure it has much better results.

Make sure you cook that chicken all the way through, It’s okay if you have to cut through to see the inside during cooking. This chicken is going to get chopped up in slices anyway.

Preparing your Yummy Sauce: You will be saying Yummy when this sauce is on your taco.



take 2 tbsp. Adobo sauce (just the sauce, not the peppers, we aren’t trying to give anyone a heart attack) you can add more per your taste appeal. 1 1/2 tbsp. was enough for us.

Sauce 2


And mix. Put in a small bowl with a spoon so you can put it on the tacos

Prep all your other ingredients, Chop the Tomatoes, Cut up your lettuce (Use a fresh head of lettuce, so much cheaper, and you can get multi uses out of the head) . I placed everything in bowls on the table.

Chicken rubbed


While the chicken is cooking, I was also prepping squash…Check next Post out if you are interested in Pureeing Squash.




What did I say put the sauce on the Taco!

Taco 2


I had 3, Don’t forget to warm up your tortilla shells for the best results.  I  would suggest putting any extra sauce in a canister in your fridge for later Yumminess.

If you anti-carbs why not try it on a salad. Probably would taste great too.




Honey and Garlic Chicken Thighs (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Easy Peasy Recipe!

I took about 12 chicken thighs, put them in a pot.

Cover them with

2./3 cup of honey

3/4 Cup Heinz Chili Sauce

1 cup Soy Sauce

Several TBS of Minced Garlic


Cook in a slow cooker on high for 6 hours.


In an Oven in a large enough pot that the chicken is in one layer.  at 325 degrees for 3-4 hours.  cover with foil, making sure to crinkle at sides, so no steam escapes. Don’t open for at least 2 hours after beginning cooking.


Serve over rice