Tomorrow’s Menu: ‘Specially for my Dad

Stuffed Pork Loin with a homemade cranberry sauce

Roasted Potatoes with herbs

Fresh Green Beans

(Perhaps a Fennel Salad with a vinaigrette)

A Cake made for my daughter for an early birthday celebration with my mom and dad, We wont be here to celebrate it with them on the actual day.

🙂 I will take many photos 🙂


Naturpark Frankenhohe: Picnic Epiphany

Eyrie and Sign

Had I really planned something today I would have brought a picnic on our walk through the Nature Park. We live in Burgbernheim, Germany, and the majority of Burgbernheim is a Nature Area where people from all over Germany come to walk, or Nordic walk through the forest.


So some Picnic food Ideas:

How to Pack a Picnic:   (Stylish)

Sandwiches, which are easy to pack and light to carry: I’d go with a chicken salad, egg salad, veggie salad sandwich, tuna sandwiches. Wraps… But any will do


A Slug we came upon

Salads: As those above that you used as a spread, a pasta salad, potato salad, even a slaw. Fruit Salads a possibility also.

Fruit: Dried or fresh

So Green

Big Stump









If you have any recipes you would like to share, feel free to comment. My husband just ordered a tent. We are hoping to do some camping here in Germany before the warm season goes away.  I will be looking for some easy recipes to prepare ahead of time for a camping trip. I’m sure we will be cooking over the fire a bit, but having some food already prepared will make it all the better.