My Best Potato Soup (It could be yours, too)

Bowl of Soup

Isn’t it Purrrtyy? (In my best southern accent)

Potato Soup GO!

Finally had the opportunity to use my parsley. See those green things in my soup!

Alright, Potato Soup is easy, but you need to know a few things. Adding Milk and Cream to soups can turn into a disaster if you don’t control your heat. Make sure you veggies are all about the same size, so they can cook evenly. And don’t forget to season as you go. You may end up with bland potato blah.

Recipe Card

Trying to be consistent with the style of the recipe card.

This is where I start my spiel on be careful with your knives. I managed to get a big boo boo on my finger. Not the first or the last. But Dang it does hurt.

I used half and half instead of cream because I had it in my fridge.

You can substitute chicken stalk, and bacon. If you prefer a more vegetarian option. Use olive oil or some other oil. Whatever you prefer.

Just know that if you leave out Milk and cream you are not going to have as creamy of a product as you expect.

potatoesCelery Carrots onions

Prep all your Veggies, and cook your bacon!





Set Your Bacon Aside. Pour some of the grease out, You only need a little.





veggies saute veggies cleaning up the pot addition of wine Potatoes and water Boil






Saute the Veggies, (note that your bacon may leave a bit of bits on the bottom, sauteing should clear it up, if not that wine will do it. Splash the wine and cook til it evaporates. Add Broth, Potatoes, and fill remaining with water 3/4 way to the top. Bring the pot to a boil. 10 minutes or so until tender.

Milk and Flour Add flour Blend soup blended readd






Whisk together milk and flour. Add to the pot, bring to about medium heat. To cook out the flour mixture. Take several scoopfuls of soup and place in a blender. Blend to a smooth texture. Add back to the Pot and Stir.

parsley minced parsley


Lower the Temperature to low, add cream, and allow a few minutes to cook.  Do NOT bring this to a boil. It will scald.

Add a handful of minced parsley and stir.

Serve with crumbled bacon and grated cheese.


Enjoy the soup. Serve with some bread and butter.



Chicken Club Tacos Replicating Chili’s at Home

I love Chili’s Chicken Club Tacos, reminds me a bit of home, Southwest appeal. When I was pregnant I loved them because they had just the right amount of spice to feed my spicy craving without giving me heart burn. You’re thinking spice in Chicken Club Tacos. Yes, a combination of adobo sauce mixture, and the taco seasoning in the chicken.

I was really, craving something like that instead of just a regular old beef taco. Sometimes you just need something different, but the same. Get my drift.  I was browsing the internet, You can find just about anything on the internet, lo and behold a copy cat recipe for the Chili’s Chicken Club Taco. It is super easy, and delicious. Probably costs less than what you spend when you go to Chili’s.

It’s also one of those meals you can prepare ahead and eat say for lunch at work or just to have when you are not in the mood to cook at all. Cooked chicken can be frozen, just a huge hint there.

Chicken Tacos Recipe

Take your chicken breasts and use the taco seasoning as a dry rub on them.

Chicken 2


The copycat recipe on the website, calls for George Foreman indoor grill. Which, I don’t have. I settled for sauteing them in a small fry pan with little olive oil.  Use your George Foreman if you have one, I’m sure it has much better results.

Make sure you cook that chicken all the way through, It’s okay if you have to cut through to see the inside during cooking. This chicken is going to get chopped up in slices anyway.

Preparing your Yummy Sauce: You will be saying Yummy when this sauce is on your taco.



take 2 tbsp. Adobo sauce (just the sauce, not the peppers, we aren’t trying to give anyone a heart attack) you can add more per your taste appeal. 1 1/2 tbsp. was enough for us.

Sauce 2


And mix. Put in a small bowl with a spoon so you can put it on the tacos

Prep all your other ingredients, Chop the Tomatoes, Cut up your lettuce (Use a fresh head of lettuce, so much cheaper, and you can get multi uses out of the head) . I placed everything in bowls on the table.

Chicken rubbed


While the chicken is cooking, I was also prepping squash…Check next Post out if you are interested in Pureeing Squash.




What did I say put the sauce on the Taco!

Taco 2


I had 3, Don’t forget to warm up your tortilla shells for the best results.  I  would suggest putting any extra sauce in a canister in your fridge for later Yumminess.

If you anti-carbs why not try it on a salad. Probably would taste great too.



Chef Huston’s Cream of Cucumber Soup (Potage Cumberland) (Cross Creeky Cookery)

Okay So I wasn’t keen on cucumber soup much less cream of cucumber soup. I mean who eats cream soups these days?  But I have to say I went full speed ahead and made it. It was a pretty simple recipe so it’s not like I was spending too much time on something I didn’t plan to like.



I technically halved the recipe. Because I didn’t want to let too much go to waste, I am eating it as we speak. I know my husband wont eat it, and convincing my two-year old it is good will be a feat.

Grate cucumber Leftover water

butter in saute panSo First you need to wash a large cucumber. Leave the peel on (for the color), Grate on a grater on the coarse side.  Prepare a saute pan with 2 tbsp butter, on medium high, Add Grated cucumber (discarding the liquid from the cucumbers)




Then Brown the cucumbers slightly. Adding the  1 tbsp flour and mixing in, add the Hot milk and stir, I let it simmer for just a moment. Somewhere in here add about a 1 tsp of salt. Because I added a few pinches. I needed to add more at the end, it didn’t  taste quite right

Cucumbers Saute til slightly brown Add flour to cucumbers






Blend Cucumber mixture in a blender til all blended (it will be a coarse cream soup) You will feel the texture in your mouth.

Blender Blended







Final Look: It will be flecked with green.. It’s not a green soup necessarily.

Cream of Cucumber Soup DoneMine was frothy from the milk, but I think if you let it sit before pouring it might settle. And I garnished it with sliced cucumbers, and a little bit of fresh cream.  I’m sure you could add nutmeg or dill just a little might give it a pop.

I at this with Mother’s Biscuits and it was delicious. You have to do both together, let me know how it tastes. I am telling you that probably made the soup even better.

Diping biscuits


As always thanks for reading. See Previous Post for Mother’s Biscuits How-To.





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