What Happens when you freeze cream cheese?

Okay so I freeze my cream cheese. I buy a lot at one time, or when it’s on sale. I know I don’t always need the few extra packages either. So I put my stand up freezer to good use and freeze it.

It got me thinking. I know many people are wary of freezing any item that isn’t something they already see in the freezer sections of their grocery store.

This is from my own experience and no one elses.

Many times when I take my cream cheese out and allow it to thaw, I will notice the crumbly appearance of the cream cheese. It has lost its togetherness (just slightly). Don’t freak out! The reason it does this is because when it freezes its fat content changes,and the “fat” actually beads which is why it looks crumbly.


See the package on the left does not have smooth texture even from the outside. The crumbly feel is oily to the touch.

There is a solution, it’s not bad, it just needs to be whipped into shape, literally. Sometimes an addition of heat will do the trick as well. I usually also add a bar that hasn’t been in the freezer to it and whip it. Then if the texture doesn’t feel right, warm it up ever so slightly. Whip it (Whip it good, Whip it real good..) . See where you are at. I have never not had it come together. If all else fails go to the store for┬ámore.

Where there is a will there is a way. And in cooking and baking there is always a way to “fix things.