Wimmer’s Wiener’s, Twin Bings, and Cherry Vodka


 A state offering many things. It’s where my mother was born, and where her entire family is from.  We went back for my grandparent’s 60th anniversary which was a big hit in a town with a population of less than 200. No, kidding.

Things to take from the state of the Corn Husker.

First Wimmer’s Wiener’s: By Wimmer’s Meats. I have only seen these in Nebraska. A company that still uses all natural casings, and the Wiener’s are Red, Yes, Red. There will be a test at the end. Note the trend



Twin Bing’s a favorite in my family. Although, personally I am not a fan.  If you have ever heard of a cherry mash, this is the Midwest equivalent. My family will tell you if it’s not the Twin then it’s not the same.  A Very old fashioned candy treat, but apparently still popular. At least in Nebraska.




And finally to the alcohol.  I was told my grandma used to drink. But that she drank strictly Cherry Vodka. Back in the day 1950’s in the midwest. Cherry Vodka which had that red dye that most everywhere has been taken off the market now. From what I hear you can still get it in some places in Nebraska. My grandma doesn’t drink anymore, I have never seen her drink in all my years, my grandpa well he sticks with the O’Doul’s.

I definitely need to have me some Vodka, and Cherry 7-Up if I am to give you some more postings.  Sorry for the long wait. I was with my family in a little town called Page, Nebraska. The train only comes through 3 times a day. A town surrounded by corn, slowly disappearing of the map. The city doesn’t even have money to upkeep the roads anymore. Sad, if it wasn’t in the middle of no where, i might like to start up a bakery in one of the old buildings 🙂

On the side of the Store. The only gas station/mercantile in town.

On the side of the Store. The only gas station/mercantile in town.






One-Third of U.S Honey Bee Colonies Died Last Winter

One-Third of U.S Honey Bee Colonies Died Last Winter

We Should be Concerned. I have read many other articles on this same subject. I just wanted to bring it up, I plan to do some more research on a whole on this subject. What are your thoughts on this loss?