Parsley, Petersilie (Peter’s Silly)

I apologize for the goofy title. The second word after Parsley is the translation for Parsley in German. We live in Germany so I had to add that in.  It does really look like Peter’s Silly.


So, Parsley that herb I am growing in my herb pot. It’s one of the few things that has survived mother nature’s psychotic wrath on the spring and summer this year.






So Goody for me, what do I do with it?


It can be a plate garnish (decoration) among other things. I know that’s what comes to mind for some people.


I italicized herb if you caught on to that above. What is a herb?



  1. Any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume.
  2. A part of such a plant as used in cooking.

(Google definition)


So Key Word in the first sentence FLAVORING

It flavors anything you add it to. Though, just don’t go adding it to everything. It may not taste good on a scoop of ice cream. Parsley is a herb that rarely is out of season, you can find it year around at most grocery stores.

Already a good thing.

Curly Leaf

Curly Leaf12136890-italian-parsley-also-called-flat-leaf-parsley-preferred-variety-for-cooking-and-garnishes

Flat Leaf

There are two different types of parsley: Flat Leaf (Italian parsley), curly leaf:

  • Flat Leaf parsley has a bolder taste, more difficult to chop finely. (flat leafs are hard to chop, really the are but this is the type you would use specifically in your dishes)
  • Curly Parsley is suited for fine chopping, also a great looking garnish. (this is the garnish)

This Herb has great versatility as a seasoning into almost anything. We chopped tons of it in culinary school. We had to perfect chopping it to make it beautifully for sauces, and soups. (can’t have an ugly soup, now can we?) It is not meant to be overcooked, it loses its’ flavors. If you are adding it to hot food, add it at the end. Fresh parsley is best, dry parsley can lose flavor and has a less than beautiful color. Fresh anything is always better for nutritional reasons.Wash it well to get dirt and other foreign objects extracted from the leaves, and dry before chopping. It is difficult to handle if it is wet, it will stick to your fingers like glitter.  A Reason why well dried parsley is recommended before chopping. So don’t be lazy.

Chop close in time to when you will use or serve, it will lose color after a period of time due to oxidation and bruising from the knife.

Don’t throw away the stems they can be used as well, especially in a stock for some of the best soups.


Parsley can be confused with Cilantro AKA Chinese Parsley AKA Coriander (it has an almost identical look and smell) The taste is different. It was easily  mixed up a lot in culinary school.


Cilantro (Photo credit: mattjb)

I see  Coriander here in Germany more than Parsley.

If you are familiar with french cooking: you can use parsley in a Bouquet Garni (A bundle of fresh herbs) used in stocks, soups,  and sauces. The basis for any great meal. Or maybe a Persillade: Garlic and parsley finely chopped together used in French cuisine.

It’s flavor enhances many plates..

So don’t knock it and let it just lie on your plate, make use of it. You will find it can change a dish from yuck to yum!








Signs of Life and Easy Breaded Chicken with your favorite Chips as the breading

Burgbernheim 2

Beautiful Evening View in Burgbernheim.  Very Beautiful day and everything is green, finally. Our gardening efforts are successful as is evident by the sprouts popping out of the soil.

Herbs coming up

The Herbs, Parsley in that large patch at the top, Dill and Basil at the bottom.

Something is coming up

Not sure what is coming up, but I am relieved. I thought it wasn’t happening.


The Broccoli which was the first plant that came up that we replanted. My husband loves it, hopefully it makes some happy trees.

Yes, so I can be the first to say patience is a virtue. Take your time, and remember not everything will work out.

So Far the only thing that has died, was the Strawberries 😦

Damn German Weather is pretty much bipolar.

For dinner I decided something simple. You can bread your own chicken strips rather than buy them at the store already breaded. And whats nice is that it is a much healthier option and a great way to get little ones to eat.  You can use any of your favorite chip flavors.

Open the Bag, Close it and Smush the bag til the chips are in crumbs. I added Ritz crackers to mine just to make a little more crunch.

Chips and crackers for breading

Remember this is what you will take the chicken and roll it in.

It is the flavor that it will take, so if you need to add seasoning add it in a ziplock bag or a pan with the crumbs.

I soaked my tenders in Buttermilk, adds more flavor and makes the meat more juicy. (True Story)

Make sure you have a few eggs to dip the tender in so that the crumbs will stick.


I apologize now because I was in a rush to finish so mine don’t look well breaded.  But this is what they looked like when they were done.


I baked them at 375 degrees for 25 minutes, they were not thick. You can also cut up the tenders and make chicken nuggets.

(but do that before breading)

Serve them with anything even your favorite chips 🙂

Remember as always check out my Facebook page Pesky Apron Strings Cooking Tips and Advice for more in-depth advice.


First sprouts of life (yes corny)

Herb Pot, Its either Parsley, or Dill or Rosemary or Basil

Herb Pot, Its either Parsley, or Dill or Rosemary or Basil

Our Starter with a bunch of different Vegetables. Not sure what it is that sprouted.

Our Starter with a bunch of different Vegetables. Not sure what it is that sprouted.

Look after all the yucky somewhat cold weather there is signs of life in the pots and the starter containers. Even if it is this teeny weeny speck. (Sorry Pictures arent awesome catching the little tiny sprouts)


And let’s not forget the pretty flowers we put in the planters..

Purple Flower Red flower

As I told you before I am a gardening Virgin. So even a little speck is exciting. Now I will will them to live.